For the safety of the community, the Fellowship is not meeting for the foreseeable future. Arrangements to support the vulnerable and those who are self-isolating who need assistance are being put in place.  

Go to Christ Church Deeside’s Facebook page at 10:30am and 6pm any Sunday to listen to ministry centred on our Saviour’s life, death and resurrection for us. Each morning at 8:45am there is also a 10 minute time of devotional thoughts from the pastors.
If you know anyone who doesn’t have internet, but wants to listen by phone to a Christian message, the following telephone numbers can be used at the times given which are one hour later than the service time:
11:30 am on Sunday: 01244 257733 – Live morning worship
7:00 pm on Sunday: 01244 257537 – Live evening worship
12:00 noon on Thursday: 01244 257731 – Bible study
9:45 am each weekday: 01244 257732 – Daily Devotions
These are also available live on the Facebook page of Christ Church Deeside here. Please contact David Harding 0742-851-3318 or email here for practical or spiritual support during this unusual time in our country’s history. If help can be provided for vulnerable people who are unable to get shopping etc, assistance may be possible. We will do our best to support the community, as others are doing as well. David is a Volunteer Chaplain at two prisons with Enhanced DBS and CTC clearance, and is an NHS Wales volunteer.   Carmel Village Hall 6 Carmel Rd, Carmel, Holywell CH8 8RH For more information: David Harding t. 0742-851-3318 Send a message