A look at a book

What is the purpose of each book in the Bible? How does the human author accomplish his purpose in writing? In these messages a number of those books are explained and applied in 30 minutes (or so). Old or New Testament the authors did not write haphazardly, or without direction.
Genesis speakersm3 Where have we come from?
Job speakersm3 Whatever happens, don’t give up on God!
Isaiah speakersm3 The gospel according to Isaiah
Jeremiah speakersm3 Jeremiah – an overview
Lamentations speakersm3 Lamentations – an overview
Zephaniah speakersm3 Zephaniah – an overview
Matthewspeakersm3 The coming, campaign and conquest of the promised King
Romans speakersm3 Romans in 30 minutes
Ephesians speakersm3 4 Remedies for discouragement in the Christian life
Colossians speakersm3 Watch out! There’s a thief about.
1 Thessalonians speakersm3 1 Thessalonians – an overview
1 Peter speakersm3 This is true Christianity!