Joshua – going forward into spiritual battles

Joshua, who led the people of Israel into the Promised Land, is evidently a real-life picture of the Lord Jesus. He was the captain who led the people into the battles of life. The various stages of that journey are illustrations for us of the journey from beginning as a Christian to fighting those personal battles that make us more firmly settled in the Christian life. This series helps us to bring the battles there and then to here and now as those who are led by the Captain of salvation to fight spiritual battles against sin and Satan.
speakersm3What will make you go forward in the Christian life? Joshua 1
speakersm3Grace abounding to the chief of sinners. Joshua 2
speakersm3Take the next step in your Christian life with Christ. Joshua 3
speakersm3What spiritual memories will you share with your children? Joshua 4
speakersm3What comes after salvation and before service for Christ? Joshua 5
speakersm3What will give you victory in the first battles of the Christian life? Joshua 6
speakersm3Secret sin troubles the church. Joshua 7
speakersm3How will you get victory in the Christian life? Joshua 8
speakersm3Don’t give up serving Christ when you are old! Joshua 14
speakersm3As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24