Villains of the bible

The Bible is honest about saints and sinners. The faults of David are recorded, but so is his repentance and recovery. Contrasted with men and women like him or Bathsheba are true villains. Joab seemed such a faithful supporter of King David, but he was a villain, prepared to do anything that kept him as the number two in the nation. Cain killed his own brother. This series should make us dread being like these villainous characters.
Cainspeakersm3 Cain was the first baby ever born. He knew that sin was so serious that a saviour had been promised who would die for sinners, yet, when he worshipped, he rejected the idea of picturing that through a sacrifice. He resented his brother’s faith in that promised saviour, and his godly life. He plotted Abel’s murder and went for a walk with him before ending his life. Read his story in Genesis 4.
Joabspeakersm3 Joab seemed so loyal, yet he was only interested in being the second in command after David the King. He was involved in the murders of Uriah the Hittite, and other generals along with being willing to do anything to anyone as long as he was number two. He was a villain. He was not a believer. Read of him from 1 Samuel 24 and onward through 2 Samuel.
Jezebelspeakersm3 Jezebel’s name has travelled through time to indicate such an evil and deadly woman as to be feared and hated. What was she really like? Why has her reputation become infamous? She was a scheming murderer, and was willing to kill anyone who stood in her way, or who worshipped the God of the Bible. Read her story beginning from 1 Kings 16:29.